Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fabulous Photographers {Wentzville Photographer}

I've met some amazing photographers along the years of my photography business. I'm happy to say these two awesome photographers are also pretty awesome friends.  Kathleen of KatMahoney Photography, Christina of Charisma Photo , and I meet up once a month to discuss business and life. We thought we'd do a little Photog Shoot to update some of our websites/fb pages, and blogs. Despite the freezing temps, these girls were so much fun!  I believe we are making this a seasonal shoot out and I can't wait until next time and for the warmer temperatures!  

The lovely Kathleen:

And the Fabulous Christina:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Levi's 3 Months Old!! {Wentzville Children's Photographer}

I'm so lucky that Levi is part of my Baby Steps program- I get to see him throughout his milestones and see how much he's changed and grown!  Since his newborn photos he has gotten big!  At this session- he kept yawning and took a couple of was so funny considering he slept a full night the night before!  Take a peek at this cutie...and his eyes...ugg! Definitely a ladies man!

He just fell asleep while his momma was holding him, we put him down for one second, took 1 photo, then he opened his eyes and gave me this look...hahahaha!  What was he thinking here!?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Royce & Liam Valentine's Day Mini {Wentzville Children's Photographer}

Royce & Liam came to visit me for their V-day/Birthday mini session.  Royce gave me the smiles & hammed it up....Liam was not into it, but we managed to get some cute ones.  It's pretty funny to see what goes on behind the scenes- if only there was someone taking photos of that! Enjoy some from the day!

This cracked me up!  He looked at me like 'I don't have any candy...' hehe!

Katelynn's Valentine's Day Mini Session {Wentzville Children's Photographer}

This lovely model is my niece, Katelynn.  She totally hammed it up for me- dancing, smiling, posing...yeah she's totally going to be a model one day!!! Love this kid!

 This adorable bow was from the fab Tenley Rose Bowtique

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hadley & Adalyn's Valentine's Day Mini Session {Wentzville Children's Photographer}

I was super excited for these guys to meet me for their Valentine's Day photos!  Hadley's eyes are ah-mazing!  She was a total serious girl this session, but I still love them!  And Adalyn's getting so big and so cute! Check out a few.