Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthdays and Blue Tongues

This weekend we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday with him and his wonderful family.  Landon had a great time (stealing toys and putting sand on the birthday boy- again embarrassed- terrible two's right?). 

Here are some photo's fromt he point and shoot. 

Story here- always a story!
The party wound up outside for the kids to play in the driveway/cul-de-sac.  Landon jumps on the basketball hoop pole and looks at me and smiles.  I- of course- say 'hold on Landon, let me get my camera'.  Yeah right, a 2 year old holding a pose longer than you can blink.  So I get my camera out and Landon gets down.  I say ' Landon, go hug the pole'. haha...So here he is, huggin his pole a 2nd time.

And now for the blue tongues. On the ride home from the b-day party I pulled out Landon's birthday goody bag.  He had suckers galore in that thing.  So we each had one...hince our tongues are blue.  Well, Landon started out with a red one, and ended up eating some of my blue one. 

Happy Birthday, Jack!

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Steph said...

LOL!!!! I love these posts!! And especially the tongues! Did I really sucker galore it?! haha. I heard that from a lot of people! Glad you ALL enjoyed the goodie bag on the way home!!! can't wait to hang again, as always!