Sunday, August 22, 2010

Exciting Night Out

So we do not get many fun nights out with a little one in the house...which I'm O.K. with.  The other night my good friend, steph (you've seen grace this blog several times...and more soon!) called to ask us for dinner.  We packed up Landon and headed out to their house.  The boys played while us adults caught up.  It was a great time!

Then came even more exciting times...the tornado alarm started going off.  So we trucked it down to the basement where the boys continued to play in oblivious to what was going on around them.  Of course Steph and I kept our cool...:)

Despite the tornado sirens, we had an amazing time- next will be the Amazing Race- stay tuned for that!!!

Here are some pictures of our night: (all are from my point and shoot)

Last night while we were sitting down with a glass of wine, our son told James and me- "I'll be right back"  and he runs towards our room.  We thought nothing of it...2 minutes goes by and I'm thinking...what is he doing.  I yell "Landon"...nothing.  louder- "Landon!" ...nothing.  James and I look at eachother- it's my turn to check...

I run down the hall, into our room, and into the bathroom.  There he is putting on shaving cream and lipstick. 

Moral of the story- When a 2 year old says "I'll be right back"  find out where he is going...uggg!

Sometimes I feel like those commercials where the mom is just looking at the camera in slow motion and kids are running around her going crazy...haha I LOVE my life!!!
Happy Sunday.


Steph said...

to the amazing race!! and our brilliant tornado drill and our bottle of wine we drug downstairs with the kids!!:) good times! we love you guys! Go landon w/ your "toiletries"!:)

Amanda Mann said...

I know! Great times and more to come!