Monday, January 9, 2012

Landon's First Day of Preschool

Dear Landon,

You counted down the days till school, so excited about every little thing regarding school. The day finally came, and I had to wake you up (usually you wake me up!). You put your backpack on and waited to leave. On the way you couldn’t stop talking about it…what will it be like? Will we say the pledge? Do we get snacks??? :) Once there, you were off and running, opening the door on your own- not a timid little bone in your body. The teacher took your hand and showed you your classroom after you put away your coat and backpack. You went to your seat, sat down and started working on what the teacher told you to. That was my que to leave you be.
 When I picked you up- you told me all about your first day. You didn’t want to leave, couldn’t understand why you can’t stay and play with the kids. You told me that you made a mouse out of paper, colored, had goldfish for a snack, liked your teacher, and the kids were very nice.

The teacher said you fit right in and had no problems. You were a good boy all morning!
 I am so very proud of you and the little person you are becoming. I, of course, took a few photos. Not many because I didn’t want to embarrass you!

(From the point and shoot- ignore the flash)

 Love you Landon,
Xoxo mommy

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