Thursday, April 26, 2012

Willimas Family: Family Session

This is one of my favorite families.  They are those people that you enjoy just hanging out with.  Aja also just happens to be my hairstylist...she's pretty amazing ladies- so if you are looking for someone hit her up at House of Beauty in Wentzville!  Jaycee is their adorable daughter- who Landon loves to play with, and loves watching me edit her photos with comments like 'Oh look it's Jaycee.  She looks so cute.  Oh there's Jaycee again.  That's a great picture.' etc.  

Aja and Aaron- thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful family.  Enjoy a few from the day.

Jacyee took the following photo of her mommy and daddy..... :)

Check back tommorrow for This & That!  Enjoy a photo? 

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