Thursday, May 17, 2012

This & That: Print Size Comparison

So, you've had your photo session or wedding.  You've picked out your favorite images and are trying to choose the size you want your art displayed.  There are many options.  A HUGE canvas with a few little ones next to it, a collage of 8x10 photos, the possibilities are endless.  Something I did when I first started getting canvases for my wall- I ordered way. too. small.:( 
I thought that it would be an ok size on our huge cathedral wall....I was sadly mistaken.  I hope to help some of you when trying to choose sizes for your walls.  Check out the following photos I've found on pinterest:

The smallest photo is 8x10 and largest is 30 x40.

 The smallest photo is 5x7 and largest is 30x40

 Smallest is 8x10 largest is 20x30

If you are uncertain what size to order- please ask!  You can take your wall art from too small to awesome!  If you think this post is helpful for someone- email them by clicking on the little envelope below.  Happy weekend!

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