Friday, June 15, 2012

Bridget & Ryan are Married!!

I have the most awesome clients.  I met Bridget when she was in her sister's wedding and I was the photographer, then again when she was in her cousin's wedding that I photographed.  Now it was her time to say I do! 

Bridget and Ryan had a spectacular wedding from start to finish.  The church where they married at was beautiful, the wedding party lots of fun, and the reception- hollla!  Everyone was on the dance floor and having a great time.

Thank you, Bridget and Ryan, for trusting me to document your amazing day! 


 Rawrrr!  Beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Collier!
 Bridget's nephew, Landon (love that name!), was out right after dinner!

 I love watching Mr. Ward when he dances with is daughter.  Not the first time I teared up!
 The D.J. was a blast!  And there was a dance off....

To end with a favorite:)
Have an awesome weekend and Father's Day!  Check back next week for more.

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