Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jeff & Julie are Married!!!

The. Day. Was. Incredible.  That sums up Jeff and Julie's wedding day.  She was full of smiles the moment I walked through the door.  Julie was a very calm bride, happy to finally be marrying her best friend.  They fit perfectly together. You can tell by the way he holds her hand, the way she smiles at him, the way they love each other. Jeff was grinning, as well, anxious to finally see his beautiful bride.

They opted for a first look.  I love when clients choose to do this.  It leaves lots of time to ensure they get all of their photos, and it's not as rushed of a day so the bride and groom can enjoy themselves. 

Jeff and Julie- thank you for allowing me to capture your amazing day!  Enjoy a few from your wedding day.

Julie, you are stunning!
The first look....they are adorable!

I love this right here.  It's those smiles that were on their faces all day!

This wedding party was fabulous.  They even ensured I had a cold cloth in the heat!!  I mean, look at them- they rocked it!
Julie didn't leave one detail out...

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