Saturday, June 8, 2013

Check Out This 5 Year Old!!! {St. Louis Children's Photographer}

FIVE YEARS OLD....My little guy is 5.  What happened to those years?  How did they fly bye?  I can't believe he starts Kindergarten this August.  My New Year's Resolution was to take more photos of my family.  Since I've left the camera out within easy reach, it is happening.  I'll love these photos in 20 years to come.

Although his birthday was at the beginning of May, I just got around to taking his pictures. We got so busy between photos, soccer (did I mention the Mr. and I  coach!  That's a whole new story), sickness, work, and trying to find time for personal fun.  Finally I grabbed Landon (and had the littlest with me too!) and ran to the ice cream shop.

I got this fab idea about having a fun, relaxed shoot with Landon.  I wanted him to enjoy the picture process as much as I do.  This was what I had in mind.  I loved the photos that transpired from this session.  Probably some of my favorites of him.

What's this 5 year old into right this moment?  He loves superhero's, riding his bike ALL DAY LONG, running through the sprinkler with his friends, school (I hope this one lasts!), and he is an absolutely brilliant older brother to Morgan.  I'm so, so proud of  who he is, the fun he has, the innocence in him that I wish would last forever.

Enjoy the way I see my son through my lens.

Morgan tagged along for these shots... and she loves her brother :)

Annnnnnd here is Landon- most of his photos were like this, accomponing me saying "Landon, just be normal, enjoy your ice cream, smile.....uggg"


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