Thursday, March 6, 2014

Morgan Turned ONE!!! {St. Louis Children's Photographer}

My Morgie is now 14 months hmmm hmmm 1 year old!!  Yes, poor child has second child syndrome....I'm late taking her photos again!  This photo session did not go as planned.  Man was she cranky!  I also planned balloons, that popped in the car, and the cute little blue paper poms that she shredded. Oh and she hated the cake!  Other than that it turned out pretty well :)

My little Morgan loves music.  She dances at the sound of a beat! She is also my climber- on the couch, on the chairs, she will be ice racing before you know it! And her favorite?  Her older brother.  She hugs and kisses on him all of the time.  And he is just as sweet to her in return.  Check out a couple from the session.

 Remember I mentioned she was crabby? I pulled out all of the stops: her favorite snack, her favorite music (Phillip Phillips), I danced, I sang... :)

 Yeah, not a huge fan of getting messy...or cake.

 I was so excited I could put her hair in pig tails!

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