Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Davis Family Portraits {Wentzville Photographer}

I love that Amanda, Neil, Alyssa and I go way back. It's so amazing seeing what Alyssa was like as a newborn to now! This weather has been terrible for outdoor photographers lately...I've rescheduled quite a few sessions from the annoying rain!  This was one of those sessions rescheduled from the rain...and what does it do as soon as we pull up to the location? Rain of course! But, everyone was completely cool about it...we took photos in the rain, under shelter, and in more rain!  It turned out to be a blast...and I ran across a rainbow on the way home!  Enjoy some from the day.

This MUST be a gallery wrap!!! Uggg!

Fan of the movie Frozen? Yeah, so is Alyssa! 

This girl rocks the serious face!

 Love this one!

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