Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tenley Rose Bowtique {Local Artist Spotlight}

I've been introduced (Thanks Cara!) to Katie, owner of Tenley Rose Bowtique and let me tell you I L.O.V.E. her bows!  She is a local artist who designs some ah-mazing bows...holiday bows, custom bows, etc!  To get to know a little bit more about Katie and her biz, we have a Q & A just for you! Also, some gorge photos of her beautiful work. Check it out!

How did you get into making bows? 
I started making bows after I had my daughter.  I wanted specific things and couldn't find them.  Since I was raised by a crafty lady, I have always been the type to try and make what I want.  I got online, found what I was looking for, and just gave it a shot.  I have definitely had help.  My friends Regina and Judi have given me the best feedback along the way.  After I made some for my daughter, I began making a few as gifts for friends.  Everyone kept telling me that I should sell them, so here I am! 

What type of bows do you make?
I make lots of different types.  I make the shabby chic look, the puffy lacey look, and I even make actual bows out of ribbon.  It's all been trial and error.  

Where can clients go to buy these amazing bows? 
My bows are available on etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/tenleyrosebowtique 
I do offer local pickup with the code: shoplocal.  This is for people who live in the area won't have to pay shipping.  I can meet people if they prefer.  

What are the price ranges of your bows? 
My bows range in price from $3 for simple single flowers or shabby bows through $12 for the intricate curly feather headbands.

What size bows do you make? 
Bows can be made for newborns all the way up to adult sizes.  I can also make them on a barrette rather than a band. 

Do you make custom bows if clients need one to match clothing?
Absolutely!  I love doing custom orders!  Making something one of a kind and watching it take shape is so fun!  I also keep customers involved through the entire process to make sure they are 100% happy with the bow they receive.

Aything else you'd like to share?
My sweet girl was truly my inspiration for this entire endeavor!  That's why the shop is named for her.  She tries on all new styles and has a collection of more than 70 bows of her own! (Can we say spoiled!?)  But, I honestly couln't have done this without Regina and Judi.  They have built my confidence and really helped drive me to do more.  Regina has been a one woman advertising campaign for me!  I've made her daughter several bows and she had referred so many people to me for custom orders.  Judi added me to our local buy, sell, trade group and had done so much talking up that people jsut couldn't help but order.  I owe them a huge thanks for all they have done for me! And of course, my husband!  Building an inventory has not been cheap!  And he has believed in me enough to allow me to make the investment.  And he's allowed me to take over the living room with the crazy creative process. Those 3 people have made all of this possible!

Katie can be contacted via etsy, Facebook (Tenley Rose Bowtique) or by email: katieb1981@charter.net

Head over to her fb page and check it out!  Fall is here, so get some headbands made to match those fall outfits for photos!!!

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