Wednesday, April 26, 2017

5 Tips for a Family Photo Session

Let's face it, planning a family photo session can be difficult.  Trying to figure out what to wear, where to shoot your session, how to prep the kids (and even the hubs), and so much more.  I've put together a few tips to ensure a smoother planning of your photo session.  

1. Location

Deciding on a location can be difficult. Do you have a favorite spot you and your family like to hang at?  A local park?  Your living room?  If it's winter outside, consider a studio to ensure that the session can still continue even if it's 20 degrees outside.  On nicer spring, summer and fall days it's so fun shooting at a local park- there are lots I can recommend if you are curious!

2. Deciding on Outfits

This is not an easy feat.  First decide if these photos will be going up on walls. If so, what is the decor for that room the photos are being displayed in?  Choose a color pallet that would compliment that room.  It is always easier to pick out the girls outfits first.  Then compliment the outfits with the boys (solid polo, checkered shirt with one of the colors that are in the girls outfits, etc)  Girls do not forget to accessorize!  Need some inspiration?  Check out my Pinterest page: Amanda Mann Photography under family photos- what to wear.  

3. Prepare the Kids

Change them into their outfits last minute, otherwise there might be a spill or dirt spot on their outfits!  If the children are younger, bring a favorite toy that might help get those smiles.  Prepare them by explaining how we are going to play and have fun.  Do NOT stress if things don't go how you think they were going to go.  You will be surprised by what I can capture! Remember when preparing your kids, prep your hubs as well!  Not all of the guys jump on board for photos.  Just tell them it'll be laid back and maybe butter them up with their favorite drink :)

4. Bring an Activity You Enjoy Together
Having fun at your sessions makes for great pictures!  Think of things you do together as a family or that your children love to do at this stage in their lives. Some fun examples are bubbles, games, coloring, playing in the hose, reading books, ice cream cones, playing football, picnics, etc.

5. Time of Day

With children the time of day is important to think about when planning your session.  Some children are happiest in the morning time- so that would be a great time to photograph them.  Other kids love the evenings and that might suit them better.  Keep in mind skipping nap times are not for the best, as it makes for cranky little kiddos!

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