Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, James

My husband and I spent his prebirthday day catching up at our house with cleaning, working on the cars (guess who did what!), playing with Landon, and laundry.  We dropped little mann off at Aunt Aimee's and Uncle Dud's house for him to play with Katelynn and Grandma for the night.  James and I headed to McGurks in O'fallon- looooooove that place.  If you haven't been...go.  Order the Top Sorloin...yum!  Then we came back to the house and lit our pit in the back yard and sipped our delicious Trader Joe's wine.  What a superb way to spend his birthday.   I love you, James!

I haven't been able to blog a whole lot on our family life because I've been trying to get all of my photo shoots done.  So here we start with my birthday- at the beginning of October, at the wineries:)

Here Nana from England sent over a new winter hat, and of course Landon had to wear it. (all from point and shoot)

James is swinging a run-a-way Landon around at Balliducci winery

Now it's James' night!

Coming soon: Landon's Day out with Thomas and Parker and Schroer kids session.  Check back soon!

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