Saturday, November 20, 2010


I always question myself on whether I should bring my DSLR camera(takes much better pictures) or the easy point-n-shoot.  Of course I decided on the point and shoot because it is easy to carry and not heavy, unlike the DSLR.  As we drove into the city, I wished I had my DSLR...oh well, next time! 

Last weekend was a girls trip for some much needed get-a-way time.  We went to Chicago.  I LOOOOVE this city.  It is absolute shop city.  We spent much needed time on the magnificent mile, walked around the city for exploring, and went to some great restaurants.  It was a blast...then we went to get our car from the parking garage.  The back windshield was busted out!  It was a freak accident.  The building next to the garage was falling apart...onto our car.  Well, for the most part it was great!

These are all from the point-and-shoot camera.

This charming little stand was set up for passerby's to play chess- loved it!

 There was this really cool bean looking reflector in the middle of the square.  Of course we had to play!

The bean..

Loving the city- so unique what you can find!
 Here is the gang in front of the Wallis Tower (previously Sears Tower)
 And here we are in it...

Check back in a couple of days for Jessica's engagement session and Tricia's family session!

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Steph said...

love the photos!! what a fun bunch of gals!!!:)love the wallis tower photo and the bean shot..creative photog! you rock!!