Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Landon!

Dear Landon,

It's your 3rd birthday!  You have gotten so big since we brought you home from the hospital.  I can't believe you were this tiny little guy who squirmed around and slept all day.  Now you are full of 150% energy, never stopping unless I sit on you!

You went from calling me mama to mommy and now the current fashion for you is mom.  When did this happen?  How does time fly by that fast?  Well, little love, you are making mommy and daddy proud by who you are becoming. 

Your latest thing is showing everyone your 'racin' face'.  By the way, that does not mean mommy is allowing you to be a racer!  You chase your dogie, Maggie May, in circles everyday- poor Mags.  The words that I love the most from you is when you say 'Mommy, I love you to the moon.'  And I respond 'Love you to the stars.'  You say 'Love you to the ocean' and we go on and on. 

Landon, you are the best thing in our lives and we love you so much!  Happy Birthday, baby!

Love you to the stars,

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