Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kayla & Corey- Wedding

Love.  That's the word that comes to me when I think of Kayla and Corey. It's a shared secret they have.  You can see it in her hint of a smile when she looks at him, or the way his eyes light up when he talks to her.  The way they lean their heads towards eachother.  The day started with rain, but ended with sunshine and happiness. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hart were married at Valentine Hall in Starkenburg. This place was gorgeous.  The decor, beautiful, with the touches of details that Kayla brought to it.

Thank you Kayla and Corey for letting me share your day. It was amazing!



Cindy Lee Photography said...

great bubbles picture!

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, Cindy! Gosh it's been a few years! How have you been??