Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jenna's a Senior!!!

I am sitting here, thinking how to start this blog about Jenna and her Senior photos.  See, it's not just any Senior photos.  As many of you know, I taught 5th grade for 5 years, then moved to 2nd grade. 

My first year teaching 5th grade, there was this girl.  She was an amazing little thing, full of ambition, courage, and sweetness.  Well, this girl is now a senior, still full of ambition, courage, and sweetness.  She's one in the same.  I am so proud of who she has become, so shocked that she is a senior (where did those years go?), and so happy for what lies ahead for her.  Jenna, you will go far in life.

Here are a few photos of Jenna.  Girl, you rocked it!

I coached a bit of Middle School Cheerleading, which Jenna was on the squad.  I was quite proud of her high jump!  Check it out!

Jenna, you are quite the model!

I think one of my favorites of the session:

Of course there are many more.  Check out her slideshow here.

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