Thursday, March 29, 2012

This & That: Vaca in the Gulf

We are a beach family.  We love the sand, warm weather, ocean, dolphins, etc. etc. etc. (not such a fan of the jelly fish and sharks).  I'd much rather be at the beach than anywhere else. This year's annual trip to the gulf was  I've put together some photos taken from my point and shoot and iphone.  Enjoy :)

Are you a beach person?  If you could be anywhere....where would it be???


Carla Parker said...

Our family absolutely LOVES the beach!!! We went to Gulf Shores a few years ago and usually vacation in Panama City Beach each summer!!! Love all your pics - makes me so want to be there also!!!

Amanda Mann said...

Ohhhh that's so fun, Carla! How's panama city beach compared to the gulf???I think I need to try all of the beaches! Miss you all!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so ready to go back, and love pics, I need a few of those!!